Maximize Efficiency: 80% Savings on Cloud Data Processing!

Spend Less Money for Your Analytics in Cloud and experience the efficiency of our data processing engine.

Unlock greater power at a fraction of the cost.

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Fast and Tangible Value

DATIFAI brings instant business outcomes

10x Efficiency Boost

Experience a 10x efficiency boost with DATIFAI. Optimize your data processing and reduce cloud costs while achieving peak performance.

500 % ROI

Unlock remarkable returns on investment (ROI) with Cloud Cost Compression, boasting an exceptional 500% ROI, making your cloud data management cost-effective.

Move Your Data Faster 

Accelerate data movement significantly. DATIFAI ensures 50% faster data processing, enabling swift insights and rapid decision-making for your business. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Make an eco-friendly impact with DATIFAI, reducing your carbon footprint while optimizing cloud data management for sustainability.

Multi-cloud Enabled

Unlock multi-cloud versatility with DATIFAI, giving you the freedom to optimize data management across diverse cloud platforms effortlessly.

Seamless Setup

Experience hassle-free implementation with DATIFAI. Seamlessly set up and optimize your data management while saving on costs.


Imagine for a moment, you're running a massive data transformation system in the cloud. The costs are piling up. You wonder, "Can I make it more affordable without losing efficiency?"

Welcome to DATIFAI. A sophisticated and intelligent solution that optimizes cloud data transformation costs.


We offer maximum flexibility for your business needs and your current spending in cloud. Whether you spend $100K or $10M, we'll have a pricing solution for you. 


Kickstart your savings. Pay only for what you get.

30% of your benefits

  • Risk Sharing

  • Goal Focused

Pay as you go

Pay according to your monthly consumption.

$ 0.88 / CPU-hour

  • Flexible Usage

  • Cost Control

Annual Subscription

Save even more with annual license starting at

$ 50K / year

  • Cost Predictability

  • Continuous Access

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